Windows版本更新資訊-April 18, 2023

version 5.14.5 (15287) for Windows

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Additional MSI/PLIST/GPO/MDM options
      • Allow use of Zoom Mesh – EnableMeshNetworking 
        Enabled by default, this policy allows admins to control use of Zoom Mesh, even if Zoom Mesh is enabled and deployed for their account and location.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Custom text color for captions 
      Users can customize the color of the captioning text with a color palette to suit their needs for automated and translated captions.
  • Meeting features
    • Interpreter exemption to host preventing participants from unmuting 
      Host designated interpreters will be able to unmute themselves even when the host prevents participants from unmuting themselves. Previously, all participants in a meeting, except for the host and co-host, were blocked from unmuting if the host prevented unmuting through the in-meeting security controls.
    • Zoom IQ Meeting Summary 
      Users can enable this feature to take advantage of the wealth of information generated in meetings. After enabling on the web portal, the smart summary will create transcripts of your meetings, including next steps for participants. All meeting participants will be notified that the summary is being generated, and the meeting host can stop the smart summary at any time, if necessary.
  • Webinar features
    • Webinar automated and translated captions enhancements 
      Translated captions in webinars are enhanced to make it simpler for attendees while providing hosts with greater control before the webinar starts. Hosts can set their own speaking language, as well as the speaking language of the webinar and of each panelist, before the webinars starts. To avoid confusion, webinar attendees will have the speaking language option removed from their controls, but can still choose the language they want captions translated to if translated captions are available in the webinar.
    • Webinar Resources – Speakers details
      Webinar hosts can also add information about their speakers, which will appear in the Resources tab during the live webinar. Information such as name, profile picture, job title, company details, biography, and links to social media can be provided. This feature will not be immediately available, as it is dependent on a backend server update currently scheduled for May 13, 2023. 
  • Team Chat features
    • Changing Continuous Meeting Chat ownership 
      Users with scheduling privileges can change the host of a meeting, and if Continuous Meeting Chat is enabled, the ownership of that associated chat channel will also be transferred to the new host.
    • Adding guest participants to dedicated group chat for Continuous Meeting Chat 
      When the host ends a meeting with Continuous Meeting Chat enabled and guest participants in attendance, the host will be prompted to review the guest attendees and choose if they want them added to the group chat and continue having access to the discussion. By default, guest participants, which are participants not directly invited to the meeting through the calendar event, only have access to the chat discussion while in the meeting.
    • Increase max file size for Team Chat (1:1s, Group Chats, Channels) 
      The maximum file size that Team Chat users can upload and share files with others is increased to 1 GB per file. Account owners and admins who use file transfer controls can allow files of up to 1 GB to be shared in a Team Chat. Previously admins could allow files of up to 512 MB.
    • Additional supported languages for Message Translation 
      The following additional languages are supported: Arabic, Hebrew, Bangla, Danish, Indonesian, Malay, Norwegian, Tagalog, Tamil, Telugu, Thai, and Swedish.
  • Mail and Calendar features
    • Sort inbox by unread 
      Users can sort their emails to view their unread emails first.
    • Out-of-office notice for internal recipients 
      When adding an internal recipient to an email and that recipient currently has their status set to Out of Office, users will be notified of that user’s current status. This can set the expectation that the recipient may not respond promptly.
    • Encryption key change notification
      Zoom Mail Service users can choose to be notified when a recipient’s encryption key has changed, which can help prompt users to reach out to the recipient through another method, confirming the change is to be expected and there is no security risk with this change.
  • Contact Center features 
    • Take over video engagements 
      If enabled by an admin, supervisors can take over an active video engagement.
    • Transfer to Zoom Phone voicemail 
      Agents can transfer a voice engagement directly to a Zoom Phone user’s voicemail.
    • Ask consumer to unmute
      Agents can use the participants list to ask the consumer to unmute. Participants will receive a prompt asking them to confirm the action to unmute.
    • Address book contacts for chat and video 
      Agents can add web chat and video consumers to the address book. This applies to in-app and web engagements in the chat and video channel. When agents receive an engagement, they will see the associated contact’s information.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding OTP verification failures 
  • Resolved an issue with incorrect Portuguese localizations of scheduling options
  • Resolved an issue regarding special characters not being displayed correctly in the Activity Center 
  • Resolved an issue regarding slide control compatibility with the Czech language localization of Powerpoint
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding annotation causing the Zoom client to crash 
  • Resolved an issue regarding inconsistent UAC behavior when using the IntegrateZoomWithOutlook policy with zRecommend
  • Resolved an issue regarding call control causing incoming calls to not properly launch an external app or URL
  • Resolved an issue regarding the Zoom Rooms tab not appearing when attempting to invite others to a live meeting 
  • Resolved an issue regarding waiting room customizations not appearing properly

Note: The Zoom IQ Meeting Summary and Continuous Meeting Chat file and images synchronization features have been pulled from release due to compatibility issues and will be available in another upcoming release. 

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