iOS版本更新資訊-January 16, 2023

version 5.13.5 (6434) for iOS

Changes to existing features

  • New meeting chat experience default setting
    The default for the New meeting chat experience setting is changed to on for most accounts.

New and enhanced features

  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Self enablement of automated captions
      Meeting and webinar participants can enable automated captions themselves through in-meeting controls. Previously, participants needed to request captions be enabled. The host can still disable automated captions before the meeting through web settings, or during the meeting through caption settings.
  • Meeting features
    • Additional enhanced formatting for in-meeting chat 
      Meeting participants can react to messages with emojis and reply in threads to in-meeting chat messages.
    • Continuous meeting chat 
      Meeting hosts can schedule a meeting and invite contacts, which are added to both the calendar event for the meeting and the dedicated Team Chat group chat. This group chat and its messages are accessible before, during, and after the scheduled meeting. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Create breakout rooms based on poll results 
      When the Allow host to create breakout rooms from poll results setting is enabled, hosts can choose to create breakout rooms based on the participants’ poll answers. For example, the meeting host may want to split breakout rooms based on participants who share similar interests.
    • Waiting room customization support for images 
      The waiting room can support displaying a full-sized image. Images must be PNG, JPG, GIF and be 1 MB or less. Images should be a minimum of 400×200, and while higher resolutions are supported, we recommend images remain within the 2:1 ratio. Previously, hosts could display a small logo image or a video. This requires your account to have the new join flow, which is currently rolling out to customers.
  • Webinar features
    • Webinar Resources
      Webinar hosts with a Zoom Events license can provide resource links for their attendees. This provides the ability to link to external resources, such as newsletter sign-ups, learn more pages, and others. Hosts can review the interaction results after the webinar concludes through Reporting.
  • Whiteboard features
    • Editing whiteboards in mobile app 
      Users can edit Whiteboards in the Zoom app for Android and iOS by opening a Whiteboard in a web browser. Users can tap the screen to activate tools and edit objects, swipe or pan to navigate within the canvas, double-tap or twirl and tilt to zoom in/out, and more.
  • Phone features
    • Enhancement to location services 
      If admins disables a location permission for a user, SMS will be blocked for the user for that location.
    • Enhancement to Caller ID 
      If admins prevent their users from blocking their caller ID, then users won’t see the Hide Caller ID as an option on their phones. PWA is not supported at this time.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding an incorrect cloud recording error message 
  • Resolved an issue regarding scheduled meeting events being deleted when moved to a shared calendar 
  • Resolved an issue regarding shared line groups as a contact
  • Resolved an issue regarding virtual backgrounds not loading when previously set
  • Resolved an issue regarding the inconsistent behavior for monitor notification for calls 
  • Resolved an issue regarding the Zoom Room virtual controller 
  • Resolved an issue regarding web links not opening properly in the Zoom app 
  • Resolved an issue regarding signing-in on multiple devices
  • Resolved an issue regarding users getting signed-out before they should be 
  • Resolved an issue regarding intermittent audio issue at the start of a call 
  • Resolved an issue regarding the use PMI for instant meetings option not remaining checked 
  • Resolved an issue regarding captions being automatically started when the devices joins a meeting
  • Resolved an issue regarding intermittent failed incoming and outgoing Zoom Phone calls

Note: The enablement of Breakout Rooms 100 has been pulled from release due to issues with deployment and will be available in another upcoming release.

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