iOS版本更新資訊-December 19, 2022

version 5.13.0 (5994) for iOS

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Additional MSI/PLIST/GPO/MDM options
      • Disable Webinar Resources – DisableSidecar 
        Disabled by default, this option allows admins to disable the use and visibility of Webinar Resources, which provides webinar hosts with the ability to link to external resources, such as newsletter sign-ups, learn more pages, and others.
    • Support for Zoom Mesh 
      The Zoom client supports the use of Zoom Mesh within a local network, reducing internet bandwidth used by attendees when connecting with Zoom servers for Zoom Webinars and Events. This requires version 5.13.0 or higher.
    • End of support for iOS 10 and below 
      With this release, iOS users will need to be on iOS 11 or higher to continue to receive additional Zoom app updates. Devices still using iOS 10 or below will have 5.12.9 (5692) as the most recent version available.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Dimmed video if flashing images or patterns detected 
      Users can enable an option under Accessibility settings that allows the Zoom app to detect flashing images or patterns and automatically dim the video in a meeting or webinar. 
  • Meeting features
    • Support for Q&A in meetings
      Hosts can enable the Q&A feature in meetings to allow participants to ask questions, which can be viewed by all, but only answered by the host and co-host. Questions can be submitted anonymously, and responses can be sent publicly for all to see or privately to just the sender. Hosts can also mark submitted questions as something that will be answered live, so participants are aware and can expect their answer to follow soon. This is currently only available for standard Business, Zoom One Business, Zoom One Business Plus, Zoom One Enterprise, and Zoom One Enterprise Plus accounts, with standard Enterprise accounts currently scheduled to follow on January 7, 2023.
    • Animated meeting reactions
      Reactions shown in each video tile can be animated to draw greater attention. These animations are controlled through client settings, as well controlled by admins at the Account level settings. 
    • Enhanced broadcasting notification 
      When the host begins broadcasting their voice to all open breakout rooms, indicators that they are currently live are more prominent and clear. This includes the breakout rooms window where the host initiates the broadcast, as well as the broadcasting notification in the top-left corner of the video window.
  • Team Chat features
    • Mention groups 
      The chat channel owner or admins can create custom mention groups of users, which are all tagged when that group is @ mentioned. Up to 100 members can be assigned to a mention group, with members able to leave the group at any time. Channels support up to 10 different mention groups, but group mentions only work in the channel they were created in.
    • Delete messages in channels you own/admin 
      Channel owners and other designated admins can delete messages sent by other users in that channel. Previously, messages could only be deleted by the sender themselves.
    • Configurable text compose box shortcuts 
      The toolbar of shortcuts at the bottom of the chat compose box can be customized both in terms of the order of icons as well as which options are currently visible. Customizations affect the main chat compose box for the chat group/channel, as well as the chat compose box as a reply to a message. Since the visibility of voice messages, video messages, and code snippet options can be controlled here, the corresponding options on the Team Chat tab of client settings are removed. 
    • Updated chat notification settings 
      Settings for controlling chat notifications are updated for clarity and ease of use. These updates affect the Team Chat tab of the client settings, the channel info panel, and the more menu for each channel in the chat sidebar.
    • Search for SMS messages
      The Search bar supports searching SMS messages you have sent and received. Additional search filters are also available for SMS messages. Narrow your search down to specific phone numbers or conversations with the From and Search in filters, while the Type filter can narrow the search to SMS messages only. This feature will be enabled for current customers, but must be enabled by Zoom for any new customers. 
    • Enhanced GIF control
      When viewing a sent GIF image in a chat or channel, there will be the option to pause/play the GIF.
    • Increased member limit for public channels to 50k 
      The limit of members in a public Team Chat channel can be increased to 50,000 per channel. Currently, the limit is 15,000 per channel. This feature must be enabled by Zoom and your account must be provisioned in the US01 cluster.
  • Phone features
    • Support for more than 1000 imported contacts 
      When contacts are uploaded by admins, these contacts are found by using the search bar or phone dialer. Searching contacts supports as many contacts as were uploaded. Previously, only up to 1000 imported contacts were searchable.
    • Display end-of-call experience feedback survey 
      Account owners and admins can display a thumbs up/down survey at the end of each call. If participants respond with thumbs down, they can provide additional information about what went wrong. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding the name of an imported contact not properly displayed when receiving a call from that contact 
  • Resolved an issue regarding the automatic sign-out setting being applied inconsistently
  • Resolved an issue when a user’s status appeared as Available while on a call 
  • Resolved an issue regarding a host renaming a participant and the name not being reflected in reports 
  • Resolve an issue regarding warm transfers 
  • Resolved an issue when sharing a PDF presentation on mobile 
  • Resolved an issue regarding presence status 
  • Resolved an issue regarding potential crashes when changing virtual background 


  • The Out of Office presence status feature have been pulled from release due to issues with deployment and will be available in another upcoming release.
  • The Enhanced formatting for in-meeting chat feature has been pulled from release due to compatibility issues and will be available in another upcoming release.

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