iOS版本更新資訊-September 26, 2022

version 5.12.0 (4802) for iOS

Changes to existing features

  • Zoom Chat changing to Zoom Team Chat 
    The out-of-meeting, persistent chat experience is renamed to Zoom Team Chat. This change is only to the various UI elements and has no effect on associated features and functionalities.
  • Split of Meetings and Teams Chat for mobile 
    The Meet & Chat tab of the mobile app is now separated into two tabs: Meetings and Team Chat. The Meetings tab provides the StartJoinSchedule and Screen Share options, as well as see upcoming meetings, while the Team Chat tab is dedicated to 1:1 chats, group chats, and chat channels.
  • New Zoom icon for desktop and mobile apps
    As part of our ever-evolving products and brand, the icon for the desktop client and mobile apps is updated with a new logo.

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Enhanced CarPlay support 
      Apple CarPlay users can now see and join their upcoming meetings on their car’s display unit.
    • Support for Zoom Workspace Reservation
      Reserving desks or workspaces can be done directly in the Zoom desktop client and mobile app, in addition to the web portal and Zoom Rooms. This is available directly in the mobile app, while the desktop client utilizes the Workspace Reservation Zoom App, which is accessed through the Apps tab of the desktop client. The Workspace Reservation Zoom App must be approved for use by an admin before it can be installed and used.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Sign language interpretation 
      Meeting hosts can assign participants as sign language interpreters, interpreting one language into sign language in real-time. The host can assign interpreters when scheduling or during the meeting. These interpreters are displayed in a dedicated window, which can be repositioned and resized by the attendee choosing to view sign language interpretation. This requires version 5.11.3 or higher for desktop and 5.12.0 or higher for mobile. The host must be a Licensed user on a Business, Education, or Enterprise account, or Pro account with the Zoom Webinars add-on plan.
    • Decline meeting invitation with message 
      When the host of an active meeting invites a contact directly to join, the invitee can send a message when declining the invite, to provide context around the reason for declining. Some preset responses are provided by Zoom, but custom text can be used as well. The message will appear as a chat message in Zoom Team Chat for the person requesting you join.
    • Enhanced in-meeting toolbar for mobile
      The control toolbar is swipeable, so that more meeting controls are more immediately accessible, instead of being accessed through the More option. This enhancement will not be immediately available for all users, as it is rolling out over time.
  • Chat features
    • Set reminders for messages 
      Zoom Team Chat users can improve their efficiency and responsiveness by setting configurable reminders for any Zoom Team Chat message. All messages with a reminder are easily accessible in a dedicated Reminders section at the top of the left Zoom Team Chat panel, joining the Mentions, Missed Calls, Bookmarks, and other sections. This can also be configured to not be displayed with the other options through client settings. This requires version 5.12.0 or higher.
    • Virtual background and touch up appearance support for Video Messaging
      When sending a Video Message in Zoom Chat, the user’s previously selected virtual background and their touch up setting are applied to the video. An option to open virtual background and filter settings is provided for quick access. This feature must be enabled by Zoom and the device must support the virtual background type you want to utilize.
    • Restrict who can add channel members 
      When updating or editing a chat channel, the channel admin can choose to allow anyone in the channel to add new members, or they can restrict this ability to only channel owners and admins. If external users are allowed in the channel, they can also select which user types are allowed to add external members to the channel.
    • Request private channel access from channel and message links
      When a link to a private channel or message in a private channel is shared with a user that is not currently a member of that private channel, they can request access to join. The channel admin receives the request in that channel, and if approved, the requestor is notified of the approval.
  • Phone features
    • Video mail/video greeting virtual background 
      If the feature is enabled by their admins, users can record a video greeting or video mail using a virtual background. The custom and Zoom-provided virtual backgrounds will be available for use, although custom backgrounds can only be uploaded via the web portal.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding Webinar Q&A not showing some answered questions 
  • Resolved an issue regarding pinning your own video with 3 or more participants 
  • Resolved an issue regarding bluetooth devices connected to Zoom on iPad

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