Windows版本更新資訊-August 22, 2022

version 5.11.9 (8040) for Windows

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Enhanced access to cloud recordings 
      Cloud recordings can be more easily accessed and shared from the desktop client. Additionally, a notification will appear when a recording is finished processing.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Support up to 25 custom languages for interpretation 
      Up to 25 custom languages for interpretation can be used during a meeting or webinar. Previously, only up to 5 custom languages were supported. This option is only available if Enable language interpretation by default is enabled. This enhancement must be enabled by Zoom and requires client version 5.11.2 or higher.
  • Meeting features
    • Broadcast mic audio to all breakout rooms 
      Meeting hosts can broadcast their microphone audio to all breakout rooms in a meeting. Previously, only device audio could be shared to breakout rooms from the main session.
  • Webinar features
    • Support for multi-language and translated captions in Webinars
      Zoom Webinars hosts can enable translated captions to support webinars with multiple different language speakers, allowing attendees to view captions in the language that best suits them. Additionally, automated captions in Webinars support additional languages in addition to English, which has been the only supported language thus far. Previously, these captioning features were only available for meetings. The Translated Captions feature is currently only available for Zoom One Business Plus and Zoom One Enterprise Plus accounts. 
  • Whiteboard features
    • Enhanced collaboration cursors 
      In-meeting Whiteboard users will see fewer collaboration cursors, which are cursors labeled with the name of the participants controlling them, when collaborating with others on a Whiteboard. Inactive cursors will disappear until active again. Users can also enable and disable viewing all collaborator’s cursors when viewing a Whiteboard.
    • Additional shapes and enhanced shape creation 
      Additional shapes are available for the in-meeting Whiteboard experience, including pentagons, hexagons, octagons, hearts, arrows, clouds, and stars. Previously, these shapes could only be added through the out-of-meeting experience.
    • Dark mode support for Whiteboard Dashboard 
      The out-of-meeting Whiteboard Dashboard, accessed by clicking the Whiteboard tab in the client, follows the client’s light or dark theme.
  • Chat features
    • External users notice when composing messages in chats 
      Chats and channels that include external users will have enhanced labeling in the compose box to remind users that external contacts are present. The notification is clickable to provide more information regarding who can see messages in the chat or channel.
    • Profile card for meeting hosts 
      When users view an upcoming meeting in either the Home page or the Meetings tab, the meeting host’s name provides the host’s profile card on hover. An option to chat directly with the host is also provided next to their name. If the host is not already a contact, the option to add them as a contact is provided.
  • Phone features
    • Desk phone call control setting enhancement 
      When pairing or unpairing a desk phone to the Zoom desktop client, users can see the pairing/unpairing in process, then click on the OK button to close the dialog box once the process is over.
    • Restricted Calls/SMS hours and location 
      If admins restrict calls and SMS for a location and/or during a time frame, users will be notified on their Zoom client that they are unable to send SMS and place calls during restricted hours/locations.
  • Contact Center features
    • Enhancements to external voice calling 
      Account owners and admins can enable supervisors and agents to make outbound calls and transfer calls by entering a name for contact matching. The system matches the name to the Zoom Contact Center address book and locates the PSTN number for the contact. The system displays matches for contacts containing a phone number, the supervisors and agents can select the correct contact and number combination. If a matching name does not include a phone number, then they don’t display as a match.
    • Enhancements to internal calling from Zoom Contact Center to Zoom Phone 
      Account owners and admins can enable supervisors and agents to make outbound calls and transfer calls by entering a name for contact matching. The system matches the name to the account’s Zoom Phone Contacts and locates matches for the contact. The system displays matches for contacts containing an extension or phone number, then supervisors and agents can select the correct contact and number combination. If a matching name does not include an extension or phone number, then they don’t display as a match.
    • Selectively assign engagements 
      When auto routing is disabled for a queue, agents and supervisors can selectively assign active voice and video engagements to themselves. Supervisors can also assign engagements to other agents in queue.
    • Support for USB headsets 
      Supervisors and agents can use supported USB headsets to mute/unmute, accept/decline, or adjust the volume. This is only supported for voice engagements.
    • Share file in chat during video engagement 
      If enabled by an admin, agents and consumers can share files in chat during an active video engagement.
    • View engagements waiting for callback 
      Supervisors and agents can view voice calls that are waiting for a callback. These engagements are labeled with the Callback status in the live engagements tab. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Preview message history in chat notifications
      When supervisors or agents receive a notification for a new or transferred chat engagement, they can preview the previous conversation before accepting the engagement so they have context of the conversation before it starts.
    • Enhancements to engagement monitoring 
      There are several enhancements to related to monitoring:
      • When supervisors barge or takeover an active engagement, the existing agent in the engagement will see a notification.
      • When supervisors barge into an active engagement, they can easily downgrade to viewing (for chat), or listening/whispering (for voice).
      • When a supervisor uses monitoring, their contact center status will not be automatically changed.
    • Agent avatar in transfer window (chat and SMS) 
      When transferring a chat or SMS engagement, agents can see other agents’ contact center avatars. Agents’ contact center avatars are separate from their Zoom profile pictures and can be customized by admins.
    • Enhancements to filtering and sorting agents 
      Supervisors can filter the My Agents table by agent status, queue, or name. They can also sort the table by name, status, or duration.
    • Enhancement to consumer experience 
      The consumer video experience has been improved so that they can resize the Waiting Room video during video engagements.
  • Zoom Apps features
    • Enhanced in-client app approval 
      Admins approving an app in the client can more precisely approve apps, either for the entire account or for specific users and/or user groups.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding spotlighting multiple panelists in a large capacity webinar 
  • Resolved an issue regarding lag when joining a meeting 
  • Resolved an issue regarding unretrievable SMS messages 
  • Resolved an issue regarding Whiteboards being exportable when disabled 
  • Resolved an issue regarding failed local recordings due to special characters in the meeting name not being supported by the OS when creating the recording folder
  • Resolved an issue regarding screen reader software and missing announcements 
  • Resolved an issue regarding proxy connections after switching network 

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