iOS版本更新資訊-June 20, 2022

version 5.11.0 (3860) for iOS

Changes to existing features

  • Change to Zoom Chat default settings 
    Various Zoom Chat settings are changing their default status for new users. Existing users will be unaffected by the changes. These changes may also affect the default MSI/GPO policies, as noted by the *.
    • Enabled by default: Show Code Snippet, Show Link Preview*, Move messages with new replies to the bottom of the chat*, Show profile photos next to Direct Messages*.
    • Disabled by default: Separate my chats and channels sections.

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Mobile widget support 
      The mobile app can create a widget to display upcoming meetings at glance.
    • Additional MSI/PLIST/GPO options
      • Set exact level of touch up appearance filter – SetFaceBeautyValue 
        This policy, when used in conjunction with EnableFaceBeauty, allows admins to set the default level of the touch up appearance option. By default, this is set to 25%.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Persistent Gallery view after pinning 
      Participants in Gallery view are returned to Gallery view after pinning and unpinning a video, rather than switching to Speaker view after unpinning a video.
    • Enhanced mobile meeting experience 
      Participants can more easily minimize a meeting, as well as the ability to tap on the self-view in gallery view to open a new Virtual Backgrounds and Filters selector, to quickly make changes to their video appearance.
  • Webinar features
    • Simultaneous sharing for panelists 
      Webinar attendees can now experience the sharing of simultaneous presentations by panelists. This is the same functionality that is already available in Zoom Meetings. The webinar attendee can choose which screen to view, such as seeing the content in their language when a presentation is shared in different languages. This can be helpful when sharing presentations in multiple languages.
    • Chat Etiquette Tool support for Webinar Q&A 
      Chat etiquette policies are also applied to Webinar Q&A content, in addition to the existing support for in-meeting chat, in-webinar chat, and Zoom Chat.
  • Chat features
    • Support for Chat Folders on mobile 
      Chat folders can be used and created through the Zoom mobile app, in addition to the desktop client.
    • Enhanced deep linking for chat and channels 
      Chat message linking can be done to and from private channels, group chats, and 1:1 conversations. Only users with existing access can view the referenced channels, group chats, or messages.
    • Notifications when added to a new channel 
      Users are shown a notification when they are added to a chat channel or group chat.
    • Support for restricting channel creation by user groups 
      Admins can restrict at the Group level if users can create their own public or private channels. This can be configured for both new and existing user groups, and Admins can change the setting at any time.
    • Support for suppressing channel removal notifications 
      Admins can suppress deleted or deactivated user notifications in group chats and channels.
    • Support for GIF content rating restrictions 
      Account admins can restrict certain GIF images in Zoom Chat based on GIPHY’s content rating system. Content ratings include G, PG, PG-13, and R.
    • Happy Anniversary chat celebration 
      When variations of “Happy Anniversary” are used in Zoom Chat, a celebration of raining Tada emojis 🎉 will rain down in the chat window.
  • Phone features
    • Call forwarding 
      Phone users can enable/disable Call Forwarding on their client and forward their call to internal extensions, external contacts/numbers, and voicemail, depending on their phone plan and policy. This setting can be set for a time duration if desired.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding webinar panelists profile pictures appearing improperly in chat notifications 
  • Resolved an issue regarding local recordings and dual–monitor mode 
  • Resolved an issue regarding DNS parsing and sign-in 
  • Resolved an issue regarding demoting panelists in a webinar
  • Resolved an issue regarding breakout room assignments not saving 
  • Resolved an issue regarding hyperlinks in chat not recognizing the entire URL 
  • Resolved an issue regarding incorrect caller ID when a call is transferred on mobile 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding the inability to enter a password containing the @ symbol when using Hungarian keyboard 
  • Resolved an issue regarding external contacts names matching incorrectly with an incoming call 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding one-way audio on Zoom Phone calls in quick succession 
  • Resolved an issue regarding searching contacts by first/last name, rather than their display name 
  • Resolved an issue regarding the SetEmailDomainsRestrictedToLogin and OverrideEnforceSigninIntercloud policies 
  • Resolved an issue regarding dismissing captions 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding scheduling a meeting with a specific duration 

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