iOS版本更新資訊-May 23, 2022

version 5.10.6 (3594) for iOS

Changes to existing features

  • Change to panelist visibility of Q&A before they joined 
    Panelists will no longer be able to see reopened dismissed questions, if the original question and their respective comments were posted before they joined the session. This aligns the behavior for both open questions and dismissed/reopened questions for late-joining panelists.

New and enhanced features

  • Chat features
    • File transfer control for internal and external contacts 
      Administrators can control the type of files that can be sent to and from their internal and external users in Zoom Chat. Admins can also control the maximum file size for transfer by external users.
  • Phone features
    • Voicemail and videomail transcript 
      Phone users can view the transcription of their videomail or voicemail if the features are enabled by their admins.
    • Adjust ringtone and call waiting volume 
      Users can adjust or silence the volume of incoming calls, and call waiting using the ringtone and call waiting volume controls. Users can also assign distinct ringtones to different extensions.
    • SMS to emergency phone numbers 
      Zoom Phone users attempting to send an SMS or a group SMS from the Zoom desktop or mobile client, to US and Canada emergency phone numbers, will receive an error message stating that text to 911 service is not available, and instead to call those emergency phone numbers. Zoom phone clients will automatically place the emergency call after a 10 seconds countdown unless the user cancels the call.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of user regarding calendar syncing with on-prem Exchange 
  • Resolved an issue regarding an E2EE warning when calling a PSTN line 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding the auto-selection of video capture modes 
  • Resolved an issue regarding company contacts disappearing 
  • Resolved an issue regarding auto-record in a Webinar 
  • Resolved an issue regarding a menu in the Participants panel appearing inconsistently (iPad only)


  • The Time zones included in profile cards enhancement was pulled from release due to compatibility issues, and will be available in another upcoming release.

  • The Share Zoom Whiteboard to Zoom Chat channels enhancement was pulled from release due to compatibility issues, and will be available in another upcoming release.

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