iOS版本更新資訊-March 21, 2022

version 5.10.0 (2988) for iOS

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Ability to hide sensitive information in push notifications 
      If enabled in web settings, sensitive information, such as meeting details and chat messages, will be not included in push notifications on mobile devices.
    • Additional MSI/PLIST/GPO/MDM options
      • DisableWebinarReaction – Disable use of Webinar Reactions – Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS
        Disabled by default, this option controls access to Webinar Reactions.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Avatars 
      When enabled during a meeting, Zoom’s technology uses your device’s camera to detect where a face is on the screen and apply the selected avatar effect. This feature requires 5.10.0 or higher.
    • Enhancements to Meeting UI for mobile devices 
      Various improvements to the in-meeting experience for mobile users, such as a new scrollable gallery view experience and making the self-view interactive, so that users can easily change their Virtual Background/Filter. These changes will be rolled out gradually and not all customers will immediately have these new improvements to the user experience.
    • Picture-in-picture mode 
      When the Zoom app is minimized during an ongoing Meeting or Webinar, users will be able to enter Picture-in-Picture mode, which allows them to still participate in their meeting through video and audio.
  • Meeting features
    • Rename participants in Waiting Room 
      Hosts and co-hosts can rename meeting participants in the waiting room before they enter the meeting. After locating a participant’s name in the waiting room section of the participant list, an option appears in the  menu to rename that participant. The participant is notified of this change.
  • Webinar features
    • Webinar Backstage The webinar host and other panelists can move between the backstage area, which is not visible or heard by attendees, and the live webinar area, which is visible to and heard by attendees. Panelists backstage can still hear and view the live webinar to keep an eye on the presentation and know when to rejoin. This feature requires version 5.10.0 or higher for panelists, and the host must have a Zoom Events license. This feature will not be immediately available, as it is dependent on a backend server update currently scheduled for April 9, 2022.
    • Webinar Session Branding Hosts can customize the appearance of the in-webinar experience by adding a wallpaper behind the video tiles, setting a common virtual background for all panelists, and providing name tags for each panelist. This requires version 5.10.0 or higher to use and/or view, but does not require this version to join the webinar.
    • Reactions for Webinar 
      Webinar Attendees can use reactions, similar to reactions in meetings. The stream of submitted reactions are displayed in the bottom-right corner of the main webinar window, visible to the host, panelists, and attendees. This can be controlled within the webinar, as well as at the Account-, Group-, and User-level settings. This requires version 5.9.6 or higher to be able to send and see reactions.
    • Hide profile pictures for unmuted or promoted attendeesAdmins and webinar hosts can restrict the use of profile pictures for panelists and attendees when they are unmuted or promoted to a panelist. This feature requires version 5.3.2 or higher.
  • Chat features
    • Cloud storage support for SharePoint Users can set the default file storage option for newly created channels to SharePoint, the third-party cloud storage service. This also allows users to create new Office 365 documents right from cloud storage backed chat channels. Screenshots, recorded Audio Messages, and Zoom Whiteboard files will still be stored on Zoom Cloud. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Cloud storage support for Box Users can set the default file storage option for newly created channels to Box, the third-party cloud storage service. This also allows users to create new productivity suite documents right from cloud storage backed chat channels. The Box integration can use Office 365, Google Workspace Docs, or Box Notes. Screenshots, Recorded Audio Messages, and Zoom Whiteboard files will still be stored on Zoom Cloud. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Create multiple group chats with different topics but same user group 
      When starting a new group chat with the same group of users, you can choose to start a new group chat with a new topic, instead of jumping to the existing group chat. This allows for the same group of users to create different group chats for different topics.
    • Deep linking for chat and channels
      With support for deep linking, a user can create shareable links to public channels or specific messages in the channel, and then share links within or outside of Zoom to open directly in Zoom Chat. Only users with existing access and those who belong to the same account with the channel admin, will be able to join and view referenced channels. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Video messaging 
      Users can send short video messages to others. Asynchronous video allows users the time to consider their responses and then record as needed to provide thoughtfully crafted responses. This feature must be enabled by Zoom.
    • Find and join public chat channels from Search 
      Users can search for a public channel to join from the main Search field. Channels they already are members of are visually differentiated from public channels they are not a member of. They can then preview or join the channel directly from the search results.
    • Improved link previews for LinkedIn – Windows, macOS, Android, iOS
      Link previews for LinkedIn URLs are more consistent.
  • Phone features
    • Forward voicemail Users can forward individual voicemail messages to other users in the same account. Forwarded voicemails can be viewed in the desktop client or web portal. Forwarded voicemails can be marked private to prevent re-forwarding and downloading. This feature must be enabled by Zoom. 

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding time zone issues for Samoa 
  • Resolved an issue regarding requiring re-authentication more frequently than set by account 
  • Resolved an issue regarding the Zoom Phone ringtone volume 
  • Resolved an issue regarding an alternative host joining a webinar 
  • Resolved an issue regarding Zoom not ringing on some devices
  • Resolved an issue regarding calls not being auto-answered on devices in Kiosk mode 
  • Resolved an issue regarding a contact not being findable from the Phone tab of the client 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding an incoming Zoom Phone being dropped
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding the max number of videos in gallery view on iPad 
  • Resolved an issue regarding using original video ratio

Note: The Allow users to stop and resume automatic call recording feature was pulled from release and will available in another upcoming release.

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