Android版本更新資訊-September 22, 2021

version 5.8.0 (2282) for Android

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Pro subscriptions through Google Play 
      Zoom Android app users in select countries can purchase a monthly or annual Zoom Pro subscription in the Zoom app through the Google Play subscription service. Subscriptions are limited to 1 license and are managed through Google Play, not the Zoom Billing page in their account.
    • Additional MSI/PLIST/GPO options
      • Disable auto launch SSO URL – DisableAutoLaunchSSO 
        Disabled by default, this option prevents Zoom from automatically launching the previously used SSO URL. This is useful for users with multiple accounts, each having their own SSO URL.
      • Disable use of video filters – DisableVideoFilters 
        Disabled by default, this option prevents the use of video filters on the client. This option brings the Android mobile app into parity with the other desktop clients and mobile app.
    • Support for additional time zones Scheduling on the client now supports the GMT -7 Yukon, GMT +2 Chisinau, and GMT +5:30 Colombo time zones, which were already supported when scheduling in the web portal. 
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Stop incoming video 
      Users in a meeting can easily disable all incoming video through in-meeting controls. This may be done to preserve bandwidth for shared content, or to avoid mental fatigue from viewing multiple, active video participants. The account owner and admins can enable this for use in meetings at the Account-, Group-, and User-level web settings. Once enabled through web settings, users must then enable it for use in the Desktop client’s Video settings. 
    • Additional support for Video filters 
      Users can apply video filters to alter the look of their video with color grading, foreground and frame filters.
    • Updated recording privacy disclaimer
      The recording disclaimer has been updated to provide clearer information regarding how their data is being handled and who can access it.
  • Meeting features
    • Security settings overview The host and co-host in a meeting can quickly check what security features are currently in effect for the meeting they are hosting. This information is accessible through the in-meeting encryption shield, located in the top-left corner of the meeting.
  • Chat features
    • Rich text formatting support
      Enhanced rich text message capabilities allow for better chat messages formatting options. These options are available for composing a new message, replies, and editing messages. Expanded options for the desktop client include bold, italics, underlining, strikethrough, highlight and text color, font size, bulleted and numbered lists, hyperlinks, and indenting. Mobile apps will gain the ability to bold, italicize, strikethrough, underline, and create a bulleted or numbered list.
    • Quote messages 
      Users can quote specific messages sent in a channel, which helps avoid confusion and eliminates the need for others to scroll up to view the initial question or message. Images and bot messages cannot be quoted.
    • Additional customization for Personal Note 
      The Personal Note can be configured to display for a specific period of time, as well as appearing above the text input box when someone is composing a message to you. For example, a user may say they are Out of office for the next few days, and that note will appear above the drafted message when someone is chatting directly with or mentioning them, warning them of the user’s current unavailability.
    • Support for search and Link Previews with Advanced Chat Encryption 
      Chat history search and hyperlink previews are now supported when Advanced Chat Encryption is enabled. Search is limited to messages that have already been decrypted and are stored on the device being used to perform the search. Link previews must first be enabled by the account admin in the web portal, as the default for this setting is off.
    • Clearer notification when converting a group-chat into a channel 
      When a multi-user chat is named, this converts the group chat into an official chat channel. The user changing the channel will be more informed of the effect of the change, and other users in the group will be notified of the changes as well, helping them locate the channel by its new name.
  • Zoom Phone features
    • UI enhancement to phone number labels 
      When searching for phone users using the dial pad or SMS search field, users can view the associated phone number labels by clicking or tapping the right arrow icon.
    • Prompt for emergency address 
      If the admin has enabled nomadic emergency services and personal locations; or allowed users to manage their emergency address, users will receive prompts to confirm or update their emergency addresses until they do so.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding slow connections after switching networks 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding mute upon entry and recording disclaimer prompts 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding duplicated virtual background images set by admins 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding audio echo in a meeting after returning from a call 
  • Resolved an issue regarding missing call queue names when in dark mode 
  • Resolved an issue regarding meeting transfer not being available when Zoom Chat is disabled 

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