Windows版本更新資訊-July 19, 2021

version 5.7.3 (745) for Windows

Changes to existing features

  • Consolidated chat search 
    The Search and Jump to bars in the desktop client are consolidated into one unified search. Results can be sorted by type (contacts, channels, files, messages).

New and enhanced features

  • General features
    • Additional MSI/PLIST/GPO options
      • Require authentication when joining a meeting/webinar – EnforceAppSignInToJoin 
        Disabled by default, this requires the desktop client or mobile app to be signed-in to a Zoom account to join any meetings or webinars. If the host requires specific authentication, the user joining will have to pass that specific authentication check as well.
      • Install latest version automatically – AlwaysCheckLatestVersion 
        Disabled by default, if a user’s version is lower than the newest available version, then the app will download the newer version automatically.
      • Disable use of Closed Captioning – DisableClosedCaptioning 
        Disabled by default, this disables use of closed captioning in meetings or webinars.
      • Disable use of Q&A – DisableQnA 
        Disabled by default, this disables use of Q&A in webinars.
      • Set behavior for Play sound when I receive a new message setting – PlaySoundForIMMessage 
        Enabled by default, this can disable the audio notifications when an IM message is received.
      • Show a preview of IM messages in system notification – ShowIMMessagePreview 
        Enabled by default, this can disable the message previews in system notifications when an IM message is received.
      • Mute IM notifications when in a meeting – MuteIMNotificationWhenInMeeting 
        Enabled by default, this can prevent users from muting IM message system notifications when in a meeting.
    • Consistent date formatting 
      Date formatting for chats, meetings, and call logs are adjusted to align with date formatting used in other desktop and mobile versions.
  • Meeting/webinar features
    • Reintroducing: Active Apps Notifier
      When an app has real-time access to meeting/webinar content, such as video, audio, and/or chat, the Active Apps Notifier will appear in the same window as the current meeting in the top-left corner next to the encryption icon. Details of which apps have access and which participant approved the app are displayed. Clicking on the app opens the Marketplace page to provide more information about the app and its developer.
    • Local Recording support for Immersive View 
      Hosts using the Immersive View feature can record this view locally to the device. When in Immersive View, only the immersive scene will be captured, while other video thumbnails will not be recorded.
    • Watermark enhancements 
      Watermarks will display the entire email address over a participant’s shared screen and video tile, as well as displayed over their video in most video layouts (Speaker, Gallery, Side-by-side). The watermark is also visibly more apparent as a tiled pattern across the video or shared screen.
    • Non-verbal feedback enhancement: Coffee cup 
      The Coffee cup option, indicating you are temporarily away from the meeting, is returning to Non-verbal feedback options. This non-verbal feedback option feature requires client version 5.7.3 or higher.
    • In-meeting chat emoji support 
      Participants can select and use emojis directly in the in-meeting chat panel.
  • Meeting features
    • Focus mode 
      In focus mode, only the host can see participants’ videos or profile pictures when video is off. Additionally, participant’s screen sharing can only be viewed by the host, who can switch between multiple shared screens and optionally allow participants to view others’ shared screens. Focus Mode is activated from the “More” menu on the toolbar. The account owner and admins can enable Focus mode for use in meetings through web settings. This feature will not be immediately available, as it is dependent on a web release currently scheduled for August 7, 2021.
    • Post-meeting survey 
      Meeting hosts can now configure a post-meeting survey to launch at the end of a meeting. This survey can be created using the native Zoom survey tools, or a link to a 3rd-party survey can be used instead. Participants will be prompted with the survey once the meeting ends.
    • Mute and Video Off when joining a recorded/live streamed Meeting 
      When participants join a meeting that is already being recorded and/or live streamed, they will join with their video off and muted until they consent to the recording prompt. After consenting, they will be able to unmute and turn on their video, if the host allows them to.
  • Chat features
    • Video playback directly in Zoom chat 
      Users can send and receive video files in Zoom Chat, then download and play the video directly in the Zoom client. Video files are limited to MP4, M4V, and MOV types, and limited to 30MB. If larger than this or not in a supported format, the video will transfer through normal file transfer. Sending videos on the mobile app will transcode the video file into an MP4 (H.264 codec with ACC stereo audio) with 720p resolution maximum.
  • Phone features 
    • Call queue and auto receptionist SMS (Power Pack) If enabled by the account owner or admin, phone users can send or receive SMS messages using phone numbers associated with call queues or auto receptionists. This feature requires the Power Pack add-on.
    • Meet and chat options 
      Users can access options to meet or chat with the associated users when viewing the History, Voicemail, Lines, or SMS tabs. The meet and chat options only appear if the associated phone number belongs to an internal Zoom user. Chat option only appears for customers who have chat deployed.
    • View contact card and presence 
      Users can view users’ contact card, profile picture, and presence status in the History, Voicemail, Lines, or SMS tabs. This only applies if the associated phone number belongs to an internal Zoom user.

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Security enhancements
  • Resolved an issue regarding gender pronouns being cut off when participant has video off and no profile pic 
  • Resolved an issue for a subset of users regarding breakout room assignments prepared by co-host are lost when host joins 
  • Resolved an issue regarding screen sharing not adhering to bandwidth constraints 

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