Windows版本更新資訊-June 2, 2020

version 5.0.5 (26213.0602) for Windows

Changes to existing features

  • Re-enable GIPHY
    GIPHY will be re-enabled for Zoom chat. 

New and enhanced features

  • Chat features
    • Improved transparency of channel privacy controls
      When adding new channel members in the add members modal, users can now easily view their channel privacy controls which increases transparency around which type of users can be added and what message history will be available to the new users upon joining. Channel admins can even edit these privacy controls while adding the new user at the same time, thus enhancing privacy awareness for all of our customers. 
    • Enabling public channel admins and members to add external users
      Channel admins and members can now add external users into their public channels. In order to do so, the channel admin must enable this privacy setting, which is available when creating or editing a channel or adding a member. For the sake of security, this new privacy option to add external users will be turned off by default for both private and public channels and admins must opt into it. 

Resolved Issues

  • Minor bug fixes

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